Hello Muizenberg is an initiative started by Wayne Turner in 2015 as a project of the Muizenberg Festival. The aim is to record and curate the stories of the people associated with the village of Muizenberg in audio and video. The wealth of history residing in the memories of people resident, associated and passionate about our coastal town needs to be recorded for future generations.

Wayne is a local radio producer, presenter and videographer passionate about telling stories in both audio and video. After almost 30 years resident in Muizenberg and 21 years in radio it’s time start sourcing and recording these stories before it’s too late.

After fitting out Miss Daisy, his 41 year old VW Campervan, with audio and video equipment he is scouring the wider community of Muizenberg and beyond for people ready and willing to tell their stories, recount memories and share their history with the world.

From the local refugee car guards to South Africa cricketers, informal settlement community members to radio personalities our aim is to give them a platform to share their wealth with others. Knowledge is power and listening to others helps build bridges as we use these powerful audio and visual media to tell powerful stories.

Although this is a personal project and passion it’s success in connecting diverse communities can only come by the participation, collaboration and engagement of people throughout greater Muizenberg.