How do communities of advantage and disadvantage build bridges? With young men like Asanda a resident of Vrygrond near Muizenberg. Muizenberg, a surfing mecca, known for its surfing beaches and as a holiday destination and Vrygrond, a former informal settlement, are polar opposites. This is reflected by the in huge economic disparities. There is nothing in common, or so we thought. But, this young man has a passion to see bridges built between the communities through, art, music and other initiatives. Bringing people into a an area with an unfair reputation of being “dangerous” is a tough task but he is showing people that this is possible and that are many similarities between the communities.

Asanda is an intern with the Muizenberg Festival and his project of bridge building falls under the banner of the festival. With events starting on the 14th October. There will be walks through Vrygrond, a lunch, cultural interactions, music performances as well as an art exhibition and craft displays.

What has impressed us is Asanda’s passion for his community. It’s this type of action that will sow the seeds of collaboration, communication and creativity to bring two formerly polarised communities together.

Well done Asanda!